Welcome to Azk Institute

AZK Institute Of design offers wide range of career and professional courses. These courses are divided into certificate courses, short term courses, midterm courses and professional courses. Each course is targeted to help shape you as a specialist with in-depth concept driven and skill development program. Students of AZK multimedia will gain live experience through camera handling, Inbuilt Chroma Key studio and In-house theatre. Courses are balanced with project management experience and live industry exposure to give a complete dimension to industry-oriented training. Azk Institute Of design was started in chennai with a background of three years experience in Multimedia Education and Training.

Pottery Classes

There is a protracted history of pottery art in most developed cultures, and sometimes pottery objects ar all inventive proof left from nonexistent cultures

Photography Classes

Azk Institute, we provide a radical and complete end-to-end understanding of photography, ranging from the way to handle a camera and ending with an expert photography portfolio.

Tanjore Painting

The ancient art of Tanjore painting symbolizes the grandeur and splendor of gold, amalgamated with the skillful expression of associate creative person. it’s one in every of the foremost lovely

Drawing and Painting

We begin drawing and sketching with quite 600 footage victimisation pencil and colours for the fundamental three levels, ranging from students aged four. This basic drawing